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Application and Web Development

Internet presence can introduce businesses to new markets. Availability of your business services over the internet on your own respectable, aesthetically pleasing space which is designed as a virtual representation of what your business is to you. A space where one can complete an entire transaction is a secure and private manner is what we need during this time of cyber-crime and identity theft.

We develop Web/Mobi Apps according to the client’s needs. The requirements (the individual business tasks that need to be done to complete transactions or produce revenue yields) that are gathered match the components that will be tested after the development effort is completed. The documentation that is compiled from the raw requirements, the architectural design, development and the support training will ensure business continuity beyond the project without reliance.

This may sound too fancy for your small business, but I assure you that is justified scepticism. In the past, this may have been so, but with the introduction of cloud computing a lot of complexity mystery has been removed from Information Technology Solutions. The barriers to ownership of IT systems are all but gone. Hardware costs and expensive software licencing can be eliminated. Essentially, you can have an IT system for 100 times less than what traditional Systems development companies charge.

Amashishini afumana ithuba lokuba avele kubathengi bonke noba baphi ngokuba siwenzele iiApp. Ezi App zikunxulumanisa nabathengi ongababoniyo, kodwa abadinga iinkonzo zakho. Imali oyifaka ekwakheni iApp ibonakala ekukhuleni kwabathengi bakho kunye Nokwanda kwendawo okwaziyo ukuyithengisela iinkonzo zakho.

Eyonanto sihlala siyiphethe zeziphone zethu, sikhuthaza ukukhululeka xa uthenga uthengisa ngazo. Kungoko sisithi, xa uthengisa, yiba nendawo yakho ongayisebenzisa. Indawo engazufana nenye. Indawo ezoqinisekisa abathengi bakho ukuba nguwe lo bathenga kuye kwaye izinto abazithengileyo zizofika zikumgangatho ebezibone zikuwo.

Senza eziApp ngendlela efunwa nguwe. Yonke into oyenza kwishishini lakho siyishicilela kwifoni yakho, ngalendlela uyakhwai ukulawula ishishini lakho, abasebenzi bakho, abathengi bakho kunye nezinto ozithengisayo.